A Blessing Herself

A part of me wonders how my mother never fails to be strong, patient, and loving while the other part of me wonders if I would ever become, or even close to becoming, someone as amazing as her; as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, as a mother.

I notice the long and dedicated hours she spends in the kitchen before a big gathering, I notice the skipping of meals to complete tasks on time, I notice the eagerness in her tone to offer the best she can provide, I notice how she gives more than asked, I notice how her mind puzzles to create artistic masterpieces, I notice how she serves all well before she finally grabs a plate for herself, I notice how she smiles at those who disrespect her, I notice how faithful she is to her word, I notice how welcoming she is to those who are impolite to her, I notice how softly she speaks for another to understand, I notice how she holds her tongue for the better, I notice how she keeps calm when the situation is out of control, I notice how she uses her mind to make rational decisions when she is surrounded with irrationality, I notice how she understands my problems, I notice how she stands when her feet grow sore, I notice her swollen feet at the end of the day, I notice how she arches her back after endless hard work, I notice her quick jerks when her back brings her discomfort, I notice the grey in her hair as time passes, I notice how her eyes sparkle when she feels loved, I notice how much she cares, I notice how much she loves, I notice how she walks, how she speaks, how she laughs, how she cries, I notice her pain, I notice her weaknesses, I notice her, I notice.

My mother thinks and I think. She thinks that her english is not that great but I think her vocabulary and communication skills are astounding. She thinks her clothes do not fit quite too well but I think that no matter what she wears, she radiates beauty in every direction. She thinks her mentality is unacceptable  but I think her ideas speak power and passion. She thinks I deserve a break but I think it is the least I can do for her. She thinks that no one notices but I think I do, I notice.

I notice and I believe. I believe that my mother is my ultimate role model. I believe and I pray. I pray she lives a long, healthy, prosperous, and happy life. I notice, believe, pray, and know… I know she is a blessing herself.

I know that I would definitely not be who I am today without her grace and tender touch, without her discipline, without her love; with her I am content, with her I am whole, with her I learn, with her I love, with her I am blessed.



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