A Firm Promise

Allow me to introduce a scenario to you; try your very best to picture this…

Fist after fist stamps the flesh, add in a knee to the stomach while you are at it because hey, pretty good opportunity right? A swinging fist to the face and in no time, a bloody nose and possibly a broken jaw, no biggie. A few cheers and within an instant, no mercy…

Now the aftermath is pretty interesting, pay attention. You see, abandoned and bruised, real satisfying don’t you think? A sobbing, broken, and defenceless human, emphasis on the ‘human’ there, has no real value, is unworthy, is a ‘waste of space’.

It happens quite often, too often. I mean, wait come on, who really cares though? It really isn’t our business, not really our job to interfere. Heck, it isn’t even someone I know, so I’ll spare the hassle and let it go.

Well, you know what? It matters what you do in the next few seconds, what you plan to do in the next minute because within that time frame, you either fuel a bully or defend a victim. These fist fights that occur on school property, in a deserted street, in a dark alley, in broad daylight at a park.. they all are so excitingly watched, encouraged, and laughed upon but why?

Where is the logic, the reward, the pride? Yeah, congratulations, you received a pat on the back and a heavy laugh from your pals for being meaner, bigger, and stone cold.

It is absolutely heart-wrenching to witness a group of individuals who do absolutely nothing but stare while things take a turn for the worst, to realize that there is more than 0:30 seconds of endless harassment, and to finally come to a conclusion that most of this happens without us noticing.

Every time something like this pops up in my newsfeed, down my timeline… it frustrates me to the very core but also completely tears me down because how can someone be so ruthless, so inhumane? What’s scary is the fact that this is only a very small fraction of what happens out there; some of us are exposed to so little while others brush it off like an every day mishap.

After watching these kinds of videos, after reading about these kinds of incidents, I promise myself something each time. I promise to never be a bystander, to never be amused, to never do nothing, to never let it happen especially when I have a voice and the willpower to do something about it.

Simply being aware of these situations makes a huge difference rather than just pretending it doesn’t happen, or ignoring what is happening. Violence is never the answer, ever. No one deserves to be treated like an inferior, no one deserves to be called names, no one deserves to be treated unjustly, no one deserves to be a victim.

I made a promise, what will yours be?

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