My Desire To Inspire

My aim is to live a virtuous, humble, and modest life however, my mind has this gameplan and my heart burns with this passion, to help as many individuals as I can along the way.

Now, I am no doctor nor am I a soldier serving the country but I strive to be someone who helps another back on their feet and remind them to stand with their head held high.

Life is tough, sometimes just plain brutal but that doesn’t mean it is a complete nightmare. There are things in life that make it memorable, that make the pursuit to inspire worth it.

I always push myself to be better, always. I promise myself to do and say things that others might consider odd or, uncommon. I will always try to join someone who’s eating their lunch alone, I will always try to strike up a conversation with someone who’s sitting alone, I will always try to include everyone so no one ever feels left out, and I will always drop what I am doing, no matter how important, to assist another in need of help.

Help comes in all different shapes and sizes, it ranges from smiling to strangers who pass by you on the street, from helping the elderly carry grocery bags to the car, to spending hours with someone who finds it difficult to see the bright side in life, and to welcome those whom society may frown upon.

It is quite a mix of things but I guess what I am trying to say as a whole is, my desire to inspire starts by being human, by being kind and gentle, by being comprehensive and acknowledging, by being welcoming and encouraging, and just generally treating everyone with respect and love.

My life motto has become, “Love for All, Hatred for None” and every day I try to implement it into my lifestyle so that maybe one day, another feels inspired to do the same.

I may or may not achieve this goal but nothing will ever hold me back from being someone who genuinely cares for everyone and from doing anything I can to positively influence another in any way.



2 thoughts on “My Desire To Inspire

  1. sometimes we loose faith on our own goals… your goal and motto is of a sort that may give you a lot of downs in your journey…don’t let that change you. I do not know about anyone else but you have inspired me. 🙂 Thank you

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