The Ship That Never Sinks

As a child I heard something that stuck with me throughout my lifetime. It never really hit me until recently but it is still worth sharing… “What ship never sinks? Friendship.” This post is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine, one of my best friends (who will totally face-palm after finding out that I wrote a little something for her) whom I have … Continue reading The Ship That Never Sinks

Want an Umbrella?

On a casual school night, I was sent an email from someone who wanted me to edit their story or shall I say experience, in other words. Taking some time out from studying, I decided to do so. As I began to read, I instantly knew that this story would rekindle my desire to inspire and encourage me to help out with the community as … Continue reading Want an Umbrella?

Humility and Social Media

Social media is quite a handy tool when you wish to spread ideas, share experiences, keep in touch with people, or even meet new people however, it also has its faults. This post will more so unravel why I decided to permanently delete one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram. Initially, I created Instagram out of curiosity and interest but then I quickly … Continue reading Humility and Social Media