Want an Umbrella?

On a casual school night, I was sent an email from someone who wanted me to edit their story or shall I say experience, in other words. Taking some time out from studying, I decided to do so. As I began to read, I instantly knew that this story would rekindle my desire to inspire and encourage me to help out with the community as much as possible.

I will share the experience in her perspective as she wrote it with passion and I wish not to change how meaningful her story was. Below is how her story goes…


Let [us] all make this world a better place for [ourselves], our kids, and [the upcoming] generations.

I was reading [the] Toronto star newspaper [and stumbled upon an] article. I felt [a] tremendous [amount of] respect for this hero. [The article] forced me to write my story only because [the] more you read, [the] more you know [that] there are still great people in this world. [S]uch stories motivate other people to spread kindness in the society.

It was raining hard [and] I got a call from my son to pick him up from school [as] he was back after attending some sport tournament. I rushed into the car to reach [his school] in time so [he] doesn’t get soaked. While I was driving, I saw a school girl with [a] huge backpack [which seemed] heavy, walking in [the] pouring rain. I felt really bad because she wasn’t wearing suitable rain gear [nor did she] have an umbrella. I wanted to stop to offer her ride [but as] I looked into the back mirror, there were too many cars behind me. [I]t wasn’t possible for me to stop the car and offer her a ride.

I drove by but my mind was still thinking about that girl, thinking if I could have got the chance to offer her [a] ride, she might have not accepted it considering I was a stranger. [With my] mind all tangled, I picked my son up and [began] driving back home. I saw the same girl [at] the intersection soaking wet in the rain. I looked around [once more because] I wanted to help her but then [I] saw her running towards the public transport.

[A] few moments later I saw a teenager walking with his books/folder in his hand. Thinking [that] he might not accept [a] ride from a stranger, I gave my new umbrella to my son to pass on to that teenage boy. I put [the] caution indicators on and stopped the car. My son offered him to take [the] umbrella [and after some hesitation], the teenager accepted the umbrella.

Then while I was driving, I looked in the back mirrors [and saw] that he open[ed] the umbrella. I felt so good to see a great use of my $5.99. My son said, “Mom, I’m really happy”. I said me too.

Imagine [the] good we did. I’m pretty sure my son will remember this act of kindness and the happiness he [and I] got out of it. Of course that teenager will surely return this type of kindness back to [the] world to [help] keep this world peaceful and beautiful.


Now, I am unsure of what you think but I was really emotional after reading this passage. Perhaps because there are still people out there who do things for the greater good, perhaps because there are still people who hope to live in a better, more peaceful world, perhaps because there are still people who go out of their way to do small deeds like this… perhaps because there are still people out there who actively try making a difference in this world.

Sure, it was something small but small deeds slowly grow into greater differences that could ultimately impact the society in a positive light. After reading it all and reflecting, I decided to make a goal of my own. My goal is to perform a good deed where I would help another out to the best of my ability, no matter how silly, random, or small the act. However, this time it has to be something that I would normally not do. There are times in my life where it may seem awkward or difficult to be kind but my goal is to completely ignore the awkwardness and complexity to do the right, the kind, the humane, thing.

Anywho, every time I write these blogs, I wish for you readers to internally reflect instead of simply reading my posts. Thus, I just have this teeny tiny request for you before you decide to quit the browser. All I ask of you is to create a goal of your own, a goal that requires a little effort and sincerity.

So, what will your goal be?

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