You are You

I tried to poetically express my thoughts because I wanted my words to sink in but I wanted not to make mistakes so I decided to write this instead…


You are you.

Your heart, your mind, and your body define none other than yourself. Dismiss how society wants to see you.

You do not have to be built and brave to be a man. You do not have to be sexy and emotional to be a woman.

Since when was it acceptable to point fingers and call out differences for the worse?

Your differences are exactly what make you unique and outstanding. Your differences shape your personality and damn, you do you well. Do not ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Thinking differently does not mean you overthink or think little.

Acting differently does not mean you rebel.

Feeling differently does not mean you are mistaken.

Your experiences will refine you, they will mould you, they will hurt you, and they will teach you. What you extract from each will shadow your beliefs, your responsibilities, and your desires.

So be content with who you are; fret not for liking weird, crazy, or even boring ideas.

Fret not for finding the beauty in ordinary day to day things. Fret not for shifting interests which may differ from the rest.

Fret not.

I guess what I am trying to say is, be yourself and change not for the world. Let not standards or expectations crumple your potential and creativity.

I cannot express enough how amazing each and every one of you are; it blows my mind beyond comprehension.

Everyone has an aura that is bound specifically to their differences… let not yours cease to exist.

Lots of love xo



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