The Ship That Never Sinks

As a child I heard something that stuck with me throughout my lifetime. It never really hit me until recently but it is still worth sharing…

“What ship never sinks? Friendship.”

This post is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine, one of my best friends (who will totally face-palm after finding out that I wrote a little something for her) whom I have known for almost 10 years. I will refer to her as Stacey because it is a little inside joke we both share, plus it will save me the issue of always referring to her as ‘she’.

Anyway, Stacey and I met when we were really young, around 8-9 years old and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She is a sister to me, the kind that I wish I had, the kind to always joke around with, the kind to encourage me to try new things, the kind to tell me the truth no matter how rough it is; the perfect kind.

Fast forward to now, she is probably one of the very, very few people I trust. She is always there for me whenever I need a shoulder, she understands everything I go through, she advises me when things get tough, and she honestly brings out the best (and crazy) in me. I try telling her how awesome she is but she ain’t ’bout that life which is what I admire most about her. She is different, unique, almost too good to be true.

She has her own style, her own confidence, her own aura that radiates beauty wherever she goes. Yeah, Stacey is one of a kind. Who needs a man when you have someone like her? She is my other half and I don’t know how I would have coped with my elementary, middle, high school, and university year without her.

I am often baffled, completely blown away by how attentive she is, how patient, how truthful, how strong she is and I can go on forever but ahh, she is one of my biggest inspirations. I remember looking back and constantly thinking to myself, ‘Damn, Stacey is hella awesome, how the heck am I supposed to reach her level?’. Well, I simply cannot. Forget about even reaching it, but getting close to it? Nah, never in a million years.

Stacey is definitely not a typical girl, no dresses or skirts, no makeup nor heels, no overly obsessive crushes; there is absolutely nothing fake about her at all. She has her soft spots of course but overall, she is one tough nut. I love how she carries herself, no matter who it is around or where, she continues to do her without hesitation. She reminds me of a lion really, a fierce, brave, and bold one. A lion whose roar could be heard from miles away. I have not yet told her much about her comparison to a lion, lol, but it has been circulating my mind for ages now.

To rap it all up, I 101% adore her and I wish her the absolute best in life. I wish to be there for the ups and downs to come, I wish to be there for the worst and the best… but simply put, I wish to be her best friend forever. Pretty cheesy ay? Ha, it had to be said though. I love her with all my heart and I hope she knows and never forgets it.

On a quick farewell note, if you have friends that have a special place in your heart, please do let them know.

Till next time, adios amigos! xo

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