Define Them Not

Define one not by glancing at their clothes.

Judge them not by how fashionable their clothes are; if they are the latest trend or a few years old. Judge them not by how their clothes fall loosely around their body or by how tightly fitted they are. Judge them not by their choice of colours, their choice of accessories, their patterns; judge them not by their clothes.

Define one not by staring at their appearance.

Judge them not by how flawless their appearance is; whether they are freckle free, acne free, facial hair free, or whether they are full of freckles, full of acne, or completely covered with facial hair. Judge them not by how they choose to style their beard and moustache or by how much makeup they apply. Judge them not by their appearance.

Define them not by first impressions.

Our own standards of looks, richness, and style, often interferes with our ability to be gentle towards one another. Utter a word of goodness, act generously, treat with respect, and lower your standards because hey, it is your duty to accept and be kind to one another in this world, or at least try to be.

Regardless of race, culture, background, religion, gender, sexuality, or language, each one of us should remain humane and loving with all.

You could be missing out on endless opportunities to help another onto their feet, ease a little of their worries, and make them smile. So what if their clothes are out of date? So what if they are down to the hottest fashion statements? So what if he has a hairy face with acne? So what if his skin is bare with freckles? So what if her hair is a bit too puffy? So what if she applies makeup every day? So what if he likes another man? So what if she likes another woman? So what if they are not what you think they should be?

You mustn’t let little factors like these stop you from being a kindhearted individual, it is just not fair. You may not know the person but that does not mean they could not use your efforts, your words, your affection.

With all the bad happening around the world, spark a little ray of light through it all by starting small, growing and then finally blooming.

How do you plan to start?



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