There It Was

About a year ago, I expressed myself through poetry and other written pieces that illustrated my love for God Almighty. I shared my experiences, my emotions, my desires, and my thoughts through these passages after reverting to Islam. Yes, I am indeed a Muslim; born and raised. Now, reverting back to Islam after a sequence of events happened quite suddenly but successfully. You could read some of the details of my experience here. My feelings in regard to my journey are written below; it took a while to put it into words but I still think my passage below does not do enough justice to my state of being.
There it was; engulfed in darkness; its stance, firm and still.
The light within beamed brightly, but was only seen through its narrowed opening.
It was beautiful, there, in the centre, the ultimate escape, the seize to worries, the hope, the love, the journey; Him.
It was He who lured me through the shadows, it was His mercy illuminating the atmosphere, it was He who opened the door, and now there it was, waiting for my approach.
Every step forward, my heart lightened, my mind eased, my faith grew.
I was so close, inches; the dark seemed to had lost the war, the light took control now, its streaks hitting in every direction it could.
There it was, a source of guidance, a saviour, my sense of peace.
My outstretched hand, grabbed the knob, and swung it forward ever so slowly, feeling myself twist and turn into someone new as I did so.
I am here today, feeling the chill of the darkness on my back but the warmth of the light in front.
I now remain in between, between righteousness and sin, I stand as a transformation.
My final destination is within the light but I have to make an effort to get there, to Him.
I must be patient, I must learn, I mustn’t step back; I must look into the light, and allow myself to believe in Him and no other, only God Almighty and no other.

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