Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Two: Righteous

Accompanying yourself with those who wish to be better, will rub off onto you and change you in ways you cannot imagine


My journey throughout this lifetime consists of the destruction and construction of my character. I am trying to be the best individual I can be before the time of my death arrives; in no circumstance do I wish to leave this world with my Lord displeased with me. Thus, with every opportunity to improve myself, I am forever grateful.

The little things count the most because they are the things that are least expected. Throughout this blessed month, I am aiming to learn something new each day and when I come across this new piece of information, I share it with others. Now, I am the type of person who expects absolutely nothing in return so if someone returns the favour, I am overwhelmed with appreciation and admiration.

A very dear friend of mine sends multiple faith inspiring clips that keep me motivated. Another friend of mine desires to keep herself devoted therefore we decided to select a different blessing each day and share our thoughts with each other; it helps us realize what we should be thankful for. One of my other friends also decided to share some passages from his notebook and one of my cousins sent some very eyeopening reminders.

On top of all that, plenty of beautiful prayers are circulating on social media and I cannot thank God Almighty enough for blessing me with the ability to read these posts and implement the messages behind them into my daily life. All praise belongs to Allah, for allowing me to meet and keep in touch with such amazing people, bless!

“…And help one another in righteousness and piety…” [5:3]

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