Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Four: Company

Whether it be the young or the elderly, each craft an atmosphere of love and friendship.


Being in a different environment, surrounded by different people, is eye opening beyond imagination. During my stay here in England, I have come to realize how little I thought of the world. Since the day I landed, I have met many kind, intelligent, and unique people who have touched my heart in ways that I will always remember.

Little children whom I have only known for about three weeks now and vice versa, have made me think about how our future generations may not totally be doomed. These children are such bright and caring individuals who are capable of giving so much to the world and mankind, that it is inspirational. May I add that these children are all under the age of 11!?

Not only children but elderly family friends have always been generous. I recently visited a friend of my Aunt’s and I cannot believe how loving she was with me; she treated me like her own daughter. She gifted me a bracelet from Pandora, which in my opinion is… woah! I am a simple person so I bother not about designer brands or really expensive materials but knowing that she gifted it to me with great affection, blows me away. I, quite honestly, got emotional when she gifted it to me. Man, what a lady. So, so, so sweet, bless.

Last night, a couple of more family friends visited and by the end of the night, we were all laughing and smiling like family. Although from different backgrounds and cultures, we all shared memories and strengthened the bond in a way that sealed our hearts together. Bit cheesy, ay? Oh well, sometimes I cannot describe how perfect moments are in life.

Anywho, with only a week left here in England, I will definitely miss all the wonderful people I have met. I will return home with plenty memories and a lot of lessons that have indeed, added on to my personality and character.

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