Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Five: Children

Loving one child is like loving an entire generation.


As I sat beside a little girl’s bed, I looked around. Right there and then at the hospital, I realized how a mother worries, I realized how a child struggles, I realized how long an hour was, and I realized how truly grateful I should be for my body, mind, and heart. I also realized how significant doctors, nurses, and staff are, as well as how important prayers are for little children.

I arrived at the hospital with a friend of my Aunt’s and her little girl, about 5-6 years old. She needed me to come along because I was to aid her in communicating in English. Anyway, whilst waiting for the doctor to asses the little girl, I thought about how worrisome her mother was. I could feel the tension, sense her stressing out, and I could definitely taste a hint of her pain.

The entire experience led me to think how miraculous it is to give birth to a healthy child, how miraculous it is to be free of diseases and illnesses, and how miraculous it is to be eating normally, sitting normally, sleeping normally, and talking normally. Personally, I do not remember the last time I have been to the hospital. Probably have not been admitted since I was a little baby but there it is again, the miraculous truth of me being perfectly able to carry out everyday activities without any issues.

Sitting in the hospital, in the children’s ward, also made me realize how awful of a Paediatrician I would be (if I ever decided to play that card). I cannot handle children crying and moaning in pain, it is just too much for me.

To cut it short, I would like to appreciate and thank hardworking hospital staff around the world, the doctors, the nurses, the parents, and most importantly, the children for being such brave soldiers. Even if the condition of a child is not as severe as you think, take a second to acknowledge the effort, worry, pain, and relief from all aspects.

Bottom line: pray for the children who are sick but also pray for the children who are in good condition as well.

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