Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Seven: Anger

If you are calm whilst standing in the centre of a terrible storm, you can handle anything.


My Aunt and Uncle have grown quite fond of me and I dislike it, a lot. They speak good of me way too often and one of the things they admire about me is how calm and controlling I can be with my anger. Truth is, I was not challenged enough when I was around them. There is nothing that pushed me over the edge, nothing to really make me snap or get annoyed. The real struggle begins when I am at home, with my parents and my siblings.

More specifically, I tend to get heated quickly when I am annoyed. My mother is a twenty first century mother, as she has multiple social media platforms. Although she is up to date with these applications, she is not too familiar with them which is where I come in. She asks me questions after questions about certain features and sometimes even asks the same questions over again.

Sometimes I will enjoyably help her out and teach her how to recognize and manage the different tools available but then there are times when I hold my head in my hands and shake my head. Just recently my mother was asking me how to retweet a tweet on Twitter and I ended up explaining it to her, for the third time. Whilst I was explaining, I showed her all her favourites through her profile and all of a sudden, she surprisingly questioned how I retrieved her profile.

It took me a few seconds to realize she wasn’t joking and I let out a sigh. Finding your profile on Twitter was not that difficult but it was still something that my mother was not so comfortable in. From there, I became annoyed and a bit angry. Multiple times I had shown her her profile and how to surf around on the internet but multiple times she had forgotten and became confused.

Anyway, ordinary day to day things can make you snap back into reality, they can pinpoint exactly what you need to work on. Down the road, if I practice controlling my anger through these kinds of trials, I can definitely see myself change into someone a lot more patient, respectful, and generous.

Turning towards God Almighty during times like these will always be my solution, my saviour. Constant reflection and determination is key when it comes to self reformation; being aware of your own faults and vices is important if you truly wish to be someone better.

The Holy Prophet of Islam states that a, “strong person is not he who defeats others in wrestling. The strong person is he who has full control over himself during his anger.” [Bukhari-Kitabul Adab]

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