Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Six: Concentration

When you lose focus, you can either struggle, experience luck, learn something new, or experience everything all at once.


Whilst offering my prayers in congregation, out the corner of my eye, I saw my cellphone disappear. I was offering my prayers near the curtains that separated the men from the women, thus I had set my cellphone near there as well. Once the last set of prayers began, a little boy managed to play around with the curtains in a way that hid my cellphone.

Now, as sad as it is, I began to panic. I thought the little boy took it and was messing around on my phone, all while the congregational prayers were still being offered. I couldn’t snap the idea of my phone becoming lost, out of my mind. I became worrisome and upset.

Upset because I was so easy to lose concentration, so easy to turn away from God Almighty for a materialistic thing. Can you call God Almighty through a cellphone? No. It was very disappointing to realize that I lost focus and began to worry about something that could eventually be replaced. How dare I?

During prayer, I commanded myself to calm down. I asked for forgiveness. I reminded myself to trust God Almighty. I told myself that by putting my trust in God Almighty, I will have no trouble in finding my phone in case it was misplaced.

Anyway, after completing my prayers, I shuffled the curtains a bit and there it was. The exact same place I left it but the only difference was that is was covered by the curtains. I took a second to shake my head at my foolishness and my attachment to materialistic things. I also then acknowledged how Gracious and Merciful God Almighty is.

He made it easy for me to find my phone, even though I lost concentration during supplication. Sometimes I really do not understand why He is this generous but then again, He does love me more than my mother.

I am weak, I am human. I was made to make mistakes but through it all, I am not alone. I can better myself, I can stand tall. I have God Almighty and I need not anyone else. I will always have trials thrown at me and hopefully, I learn from them in the best manner possible.

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