Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Eight – Day Twenty Five: Blessings

“[A]nd if you try to count the favours of Allah, you will not be able to number them…” [14:35], [16:19]


Look up, look around, look down. What do you see? If you see chaos and destruction, look a little closer. If you see mind bobbling beauties, look a little closer.

The last few weeks, 17 days to be exact, have been quite reflective. From obvious realizations to deep, heartwarming discoveries. Right now, I am typing. Using my fingers to tap letters on a keyboard. These letters create words which are then stringed together to form sentences. A simple sentence can paint pictures, ignite emotions, and spark imagination!

Now imagine if you did not have the ability to see. How would you know where the letters are? Or how they even look like? Imagine if you did not have the ability to move; if you were paralyzed. How would you glide your fingertips over the keyboard? How would you be able to press down on the keys? Imagine if you could not hear, could not taste, could not smell, could not feel? These senses of ours ought to be acknowledged as well.

When you pick up a book and read off the page, how easy was it for you? When you walk up the stairs to lay comfortably on your bed, how easy was it for you? When you greet someone with a hug and squeeze them tight, how easy was it for you? I can never list theĀ blessings that God Almighty has bestowed upon me; endless I tell you, endless.

Set aside the five senses and think about the people. Smiled at your neighbour this morning? Hey, that’s awesome. Shook your future boss’s hand this afternoon? Even better. Tucked your newborn baby in bed last night? Beautiful.

Have you ever tried to pray to God Almighty, thanking him for one thing but end up extracting an entirely different set of blessings and then thinking, ‘Woah, I am mad blessed,”. Forget about the materialistic aspect for a second but have you understood how your mind works? Your body? Your soul? Your spirit?

Whilst in prostration, I supplicate to Allah the Almighty, thanking Him for anything and everything that comes to mind. Only He knows how long I rest in prostration and as soon I lift my head off the ground, a million other things pop into my mind that I did not thank God Almighty for. Quite honestly, I am undeniably in awe at how Merciful, how Loving, how Friendly, and How Alive Allah the Almighty is and you know what? There is so much more to Him I still have yet to understand. If I knew everything He has ever done for me, I would never stop sobbing.

All praise belongs to Allah, bless. I can go on forever about blessings but I think this post is long enough, ha.

Till next time, take care folks. Adios!

I say: “blessed beyond comprehension”

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