My Attitude as a Muslim

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon an incident that made me step back and remind myself how I wish to be treated in this world and how I would like to be known before my passing. Now, this was no extraordinary event however, its happenings did trigger a wave of emotions.

Briefly, I was speaking to an employee about an issue that I wished to be sorted out. As I spoke, I felt as if I was being cut off and was not given the chance to explain why I had proposed the problem in the first place. Anyway, although I listened to the employee explain and understood her reasoning, I still walked away a bit upset.

I thought about how the conversation went and began to conclude that the employee did not handle the situation in the best manner possible. Details aside, I told another what happened afterwards and in response, was given the suggestion to have ‘fought’ back with the employee.

It was not bad advice, I mean, it was probably the most logical thing to do in an employee versus customer encounter yet the idea felt wrong. As a Muslim lady in today’s society, I cannot help but feel pressurized to shape the image of Islam from destructive, to peaceful. With the media emphasizing Muslims as terrorists, with ISIS roaming the streets and killing innocent individuals, and with the hatred and intolerance of Islam growing, I try my absolute best to illustrate what a true Muslim speaks, thinks, and acts like.

As a believer of Allah and one who truly appreciates the teachings of Islam, it scares me to think how others would view my religion if I made a mistake or acted disrespectfully. If I had raised my voice at the employee and made a scene, I would be more worried about what others could potentially confirm about Islam rather than worrying about whether or not I was finally being listened to.

Reading nasty comments about Islam and realizing how much bitterness rests in some individuals’ hearts is heartbreaking. Coming across articles that firmly stand to say Islam is nothing but a curse to mankind is quite horrifying and it only pushes me further to prove these statements wrong.

Wearing a scarf and automatically being recognized as a Muslim in society is inevitable. Yes, some people may judge me based on my religion before they even get to know me. Yes, some people may not even talk to me because they think I am too oppressed to be spoken to. Yes, some people may look at me in disgust while I only smile back. So yes, I feel obligated to step up and show the true colours of my religion.

My religion and its teachings are of peace and as a Muslim, I try my very utmost best to comply with them. Of course not everyone dislikes Muslims however, the stereotypes that label us and the pettiness we are shown by some is still overwhelmingly painful.

Love for All, Hatred for None is a motto I live by and no matter the circumstance, these simple words carry the attitude I need to persevere in this life.

Thinking back at the conversation with the employee, I am past it. Forgiving; no longer upset; understanding. Perhaps it was just a bad day for her or perhaps I misinterpreted the mass exchange of words but at the end of the day, we are all humans. Life is full of these kinds of occurrences and with each one we experience, we learn and grow from it.

I promise to always be and do my best as an individual; as a human, in society. I will follow what my heart and my mind has been taught and fall not prey to the evils that surrounds me. I am Muslim and proud; I wish for others to see why.

Anywho, hope everything is well! Till the next time, take care folks. Peace out!

2 thoughts on “My Attitude as a Muslim

  1. Yea I feel the same way! It’s like we are guilty until proven innocent so we can’t give others the slightest satisfaction to see us behave out of anger or frustration by accident. Which I guess is better for our character as well. But we should try and change our mentality of doing it for people and controlling ourselves for Allah’s sake ! (:

    1. Well said and I definitely agree with you. Enhancing our character for the sake of Allah the Almighty ultimately carries endless benefits throughout our lifetime in general because it is Divinely rooted. JazakumAllah for your comment; it was nice to know I am not the only who thinks of this.

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