A Faded Rose

You and I are rosebuds in full bloom.

Our set of petals scream beauty, colour, and delight; the side of life that is empty of sorrow.

Soft to the touch.

Pleasing to the eye.

Beneath the canvas of life lies the inevitable pricks of difficulty.

Sharp enough to summon a drop of blood.

Threatening to strike.


What is a rose without its thorns?

What is life without struggles?

Destruction and chaos wonders not between the pins and needles,

But instead creeps upon the edges of the petals itself.

Crippling the breath out of life.

Choking happiness.

Crushing all worth.

So then, tell me.

What is a faded rose if not a depressed individual?


Depression? Yes, it exists. It consumes the lives of those who see no hope, no happiness, and no interest in their lives. It is an illness that is widely spread but little is done to acknowledge it. Did you know that 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression? In total, that is about 5% of the world’s population and if you think about it, there are more individuals depressed than there is fresh water in the world – 2.5%. Pretty mind blowing, right?

You can hear about depression but never really understand it until you experience it for yourself or witness another in depression. There are many misconceptions about this illness and it truly saddens me that others still take it too lightly. Your grandparents could have diabetes, your friends could have AIDS, your siblings could have cancer, but did you know that depression occurs more than those three combined?

Depression is a mental illness, it makes an individual persistently saddened and makes an individual feel worthless. Individuals lose interest in things that once brought them joy, they isolate themselves, they hesitate to speak to others about their issues, they feel like a burden; pathetic.

From personal experience, depression can strike from out of the blue. One factor does not have to be responsible; there could be a mass of issues that lead to this illness. I had family issues, school issues, friend issues, and all of that led to issues with myself. I felt lonely and useless. I isolated myself. I spoke little. I would cry myself to sleep every night. I would think about running away from home. I would think about suicide.

Each individual experiences depression differently but the symptoms are similar. It impacts all despite their age, social class, geographic location, culture, etc. Perhaps in the near future I will in detail describe what I felt and what I went through during my depressive state however for now, I wish for you to educate yourself.

Please take the time to read and at least grasp the basics about depression. Spare 5 minutes of your time and read an article or two about it. Familiarize yourself. Just yesterday, a #TheWorstPartofDepressionIs hashtag was trending on Twitter and after reading some tweets, I felt compelled to share my views.

Depression is real, it is serious. Learn what it does and what you can do to help others with it. Till next time, take care folks.

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