Each one of us carry our own sense of beauty and intelligence; no one is of lacking. We are all beautiful and we are all intelligent however, just on different levels unique to ourselves. Our experiences can differ, our emotions can differ, and our mindsets can differ but we are no less than anyone else.

Just because you deem someone else as handsome or pretty, it does not mean you are not either. Just because you deem someone else as a genius or brilliant, it does not mean you are not either. Your level of beauty and intelligence define your own qualities and character.

Being beautiful is not only subject to appearances instead your mind, your heart, and your soul is what makes you beautiful in my opinion. If you are golden on the inside, no colour can compare to you on the outside ’cause your inner core is what supports you. Being intelligent is not only of focus to your school work instead it is what you think about others, yourself, and life in general that makes you intelligent in my opinion. The lessons you learn in life can help you formulate different perspectives, they can help you unravel the secrets of your own soul, and encourage you to accept what life throws at you.

You need to understand that whoever you are, you are worthy and that you are someone in this world. Perhaps your grades are not as high or perhaps you believe that you are not as pretty but hey, that does not mean you are automatically a failure or ugly. It takes a while for others to see where you stand but do not forget where you stand yourself. When others fail to see who you are, brush it off. It truly is their own loss because they did not spend the time to look close enough.

Maybe we think that we need to be someone else to be noticed, to actually ‘be someone’ and those thoughts can haunt us for a long time but know your worth; believe in yourself. One day you will be satisfied with who you are because that day, you will learn to love yourself and that day, you will appreciate where you stand.

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