I was really unsure on how to begin this post as it has been a long while since I wrote or blogged but this actually feels pretty nice; getting back into the groove of writing and sharing one’s deepest reflections.

Over the year or so of my absence in writing, I actually read over some of my old blog posts and oh goodness me, I was and I guess still am, really cheesy in what I publish. I was cringing while reading over some of my old posts but what is life without a little chuckle at your ol’ self?

A lot has happened and I have a lot to tell but with due time, I will slowly open up again. I wanted to get back into writing ’cause it truly is a marvellous form of expression and it has undoubtedly become a hobby of mine. Writing is exciting and my life needs some of that to remain of thrill and interest – I shall not disappoint, hopefully.

Till next time, which will honestly be sooner than you and I think!

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