About Me

First and foremost, I have realized how much I absolutely suck at writing autobiographies. I am trying to think of cool ways to introduce myself but I believe I am failing at that right now. Ha, bare with me folks…

My purpose? I write to be understood. My pieces of writing do not always have to bear fruit but I wish for everyone to take something with them before they exit their browsers. I express my emotions, my thoughts, and my opinions in hope for others to reflect and think in new perspectives. Make goals. Rethink. Imagine. Love. Be grateful. As my audience, I wish for you to feel and comprehend why I say what I say. My mindset is unique, your mindset is unique. The unique trying to understand the unique; learn from the unique, it is quite a beautiful concept. Strive worthy, really.

The extraordinary intrigues me, whether that be in forms of actions, speech, or thoughts. Now, I write also to uncoil the tangles within my mind and truly try to extract details about myself. Sometimes I have very strong opinions and sometimes I am completely blank but with knowledge and reflection, a lot can be learned.

In short I guess you can say that I have a lot to say. Pretty awesome introduction, right? No? Yes? No worries, at least I tried.

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