Vices and virtues are a component of what makes us, us. Only with reflection and experience will we be able to differentiate between the two… 


I believe myself to be a stubborn person who is picky, with strong opinions. I am one of those people who look at the world a specific way and anything different to it is wrong. Moreover, I am one to think of various sides to any and every story, not always the solid two-sided story. Sometimes I express opinions and perspectives that have little to no relevance or importance to the subject at hand. It may not be my opinion or perspective but it definitely could be someone else’s and it should not be omitted just because you and I are conversing. I am not entirely sure why I do that but it has become a habit of mine simply because I am an open-minded person?

I believe that everyone is capable and incapable as life unfolds. I believe that we all have parts to ourselves that are unexplainable, sides that we have yet to discover, and reasoning to each of our actions. I am always either defending or offending, literally.

I had an argument a few weeks ago about society and sacrifice; change. Now, I am not a super girly woman – I do care about my appearance but it varies from situation to situation. I absolutely despise it when I am questioned about what I would wear at a certain occasion and then get criticized for my decisions.

Should you change the way you look because some individuals would judge? No. If I want to look laid back and feel comfortable, then why can I not? If someone wants to judge how underdressed I am at a party, does that affect me? Not really. When it comes to deteriorating morals and values, that will get under my skin.

My argument was essentially to be yourself and do as you please, moderately tho’.

“You can’t always do whatever you want and expect people to be okay with it”
“Well, you don’t always have to do what people want. Why fall under their pressure?”

I fail to understand why someone talking behind my back would affect me. I am not the one gossiping or holding the grudge so why change the way I do something just so they would say nothing? I can take it. If someone wants to share their opinion about me, I would strongly encourage it – it builds me rather than defines me.

Anyway, that was that. When I was younger, I always announced how you could never win an argument with me unless you had valid points. However, it could also be due to my own ignorance to accept the invalidity of those points. Life is pretty interesting – still have a lot to learn and put to practice…

Have a great day folks!




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